200408-01 - Respecting community rules

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    Isolation of members not respecting community rules

    There is a multitude of users not respecting the community rules on our chat platform, as defined by CryptoGuard. It’s not worth spending any energy for spammers like OrangeManBad or WooWood or whiterussians or any other childish behaving community members. We should isolate them e.g. inside specialiced #trading&fud channels.

    On serious meant channels only recommended and rewarded community members should have write-privileges. Everybody else will start with reading access, but it shouldn’t be difficult to gain write access. A simple introduction about oneself, how one got to particl and maybe what his Crypto-backgrounds are should be enough to receive a first recommendation for write access. However, it should also be easy to loose ones write access. A few downvotes of community members should be enough to find oneself back with only read-privileges. Write privileges remain only on the trading/fud and maybe support channels.

    Option 1: Yes, limit write-privileges
    Option 2: No, ban right away once not respecting the rules
    Option 3: No, leave it as it is

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    Recently OrangeManBad asked for help in the support channel, because his account supposed to be hacked.
    However, when joining this community he statet having heard of particl lately in context with OpenBazzar. The 170.000 coins he mentioned having been stolen suppose to be very early staking coins from 2017. This doesn’t fit to his earlier statements. Thus he’s trying to maximize his whatever personal benefits on cost of the average community member.

    There are also more community members which behave in a similar none-collaborative way. I strongly suggest to isolate or ban those misconducting participants without excuse.


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    Option 1 is very sensible. It offers the community a fair way to limit trolling and ensure a more positive experience for all users on our social media.

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    Great post! Yes, any project can certainly benefit from making a first good impression (earn respect) like you said.

    #1 seems reasonable yes! Maybe include direction to new members to introduce themselves in “newcomers” or something…that way they may get more access after that.

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    While I think we should respect peoples rights to be critical, it needs to be in a constructive manner. Posting criticism without also offering up a potential solution to your stated problem should be shunned and probably some type of timeout can be given to repeat offenders.

    I think restricting write privileges in the main chat would be better if we already had a large, active community. In the current state of the community, I believe restricting new users ability to communicate easily could potentially inhibit community growth and engagement.

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    The voting is finished.
    total number of votes: 3351,78 votes
    99,81 % of votes for Option 2

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