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    Rewrite of Particl project description on coinmarketcap.

    The current description doesn’t fit with the actual project status anymore.

    Contacting coinmarketcap.com and initiating a change of Particl project description.

    Representative of official particl team. CryptoGuard signaled its readiness.

    After voting has finished.
    Undefined timeframe.

    The 3 options to vote for are described in the following document


    Ref. Document SHA-256 Hash: 09DCA0A7 C6B53B5E 59FD8775 97906C95 C04D7F75 1958810E 9D656628 65DD1A35

    (previous discussions on the rewrite of cmc-description can be found here: https://particl.community/topic/78/rewrite-of-cmc-description)

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    Is the voting to be done in the Particl wallet?

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    I still will communicate this on the general channel, but later on this should be possible to automate once the proposer makes an entry at the #new-proposal-list thread. 😊

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    The voting is finished.
    total number of votes: 8585,9177
    Majority of votes for Option 2

    Thus following description has been selected for describing the particl project on coinmarketcap.com:

    Particl Coin (PART) is an independent digital currency that offers superior data protection and privacy technology. It acts as the settlement-layer for each transaction made on any Particl application, including Particl Marketplace, and secures the needed privacy features. Payments, in fiat or digital currency, are converted into PART to empower users with true privacy and freedom.

    Particl Marketplace is a multi-vendor marketplace like Amazon but with no-middleman, no-commissions, near-zero fees, and no login-data requirement. It preserves your privacy, making you earn more money while being able to have products at more reasonable prices, and it protects its vendor’s supply-chains and interests. Particl Marketplace protects users from scam attacks, and enforces parties to comply with their agreements with its built-in automated dual-escrow system and enables anybody to operate an independent and private restrictable storefront on their own.

    Particl launched in July 2017 and is a privacy-first and worldwide censorship-resistant eCommerce platform. They delivered the Particl Marketplace application and the digital privacy currency PART. These privacy features include Confidential Transactions with Bullet Proofs from the Blockstream Elements project (to hide tx amounts), Ring Signatures from CryptoNote/Monero (to hide party addresses) and SMSG, a DHT embedded in the node stack for carrying rich data such as listings images and chat messages, without bloating the ledger. The Particl blockchain, which is always updated to the latest Bitcoin Core code, makes usage of the PoS3 protocol, is Cold Staking enabled and supports hardware wallets.

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