Form for Community Proposals

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    Since we agreed to use Particl Community Forum for proposal and governance functions, I closed 1-(J) and we can discuss the next points 2-(H) to 14-(C ).

    Before that, I tried to come up with a first layout for a potential design of the community proposals page on particl marketplace. It’s based on a proceeding I described in 2-(H) and also covered some further discussion points. The voting mechanism itself would be the same as we already are familiar with from particl marketplace. So the discussion points on security or freeze of coins (5-(B) or 7-(A)) haven’t been addressed by that design.

    On the form for proposal voting I’ve added an index page “Legal”. The reason is, we do have indeed a way to flag listings, but I think we don’t have a way to flag proposals, because otherwise someone could already flag/eliminate proposals before voters could vote on.

    The now proposed Form for submittance and voting you find here:

    So far, a Proposal-ID probably still have to be assigned manually --> 2-(H)
    However, an automatical assignement would be nice as well.

    Please feel free to share your feedback and reply either to this topic or directly to the topics 2-(H) to 14-(C ).

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