[Bounty Proposal] Development Bounty for Listing PART on Flare Wallet (Privacy, Security, and Atomic Swaps)

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    What’s the bounty?
    A development bounty to support the Flare Wallet team in their integration of PART into their wallet and swap services.

    What’s the target?
    No specific target, but it might help them speed up the development process and do a custom implementation

    PART Address to Donate
    👉 PmoYUcWPkAhGSs9xjwFSoGpg1VTs7aJtz5 👈

    We’ve been in touch with the Flare Wallet team (https://flarewallet.io/) and have been discussing integrating PART into their application.


    Flare Wallet is a non-custodial (your keys, your coins) desktop and mobile wallet focused on security and privacy. It allows in-wallet swaps to be done in an instant, and they’re working on atomic swaps as part of something they want to put in production somewhere in the future, which is obviously very interesting as Particl is already atomic swap compatible since 2017.

    We’ve also been discussing integrating their swap module as part of Particl Desktop’s own Exchange module, which would basically provide an additional way to swap other currencies for PART to top up your Particl account. That gets twice (or more) as interesting once they go live with their atomic swap system (think about atomic swaps on Particl Desktop, making Particl truly an unstoppable and censorship-proof application)! I recommend checking out their website to get more information about their project (https://flarewallet.io/).

    Because they didn’t ask specifically for a listing fee or any form of payment as a requirement to be listed on their application (someone from our community have reached out to them and they thought Particl was a pretty good fit with their own vision), I was wondering if some in the community would be willing to make a small donation as part of a development bounty we would set up for them. This is a gesture of goodwill due to the fact that they want to see quality projects grow along with them instead of taking the most popular route of asking payments in exchange for listings. This fits right into our own community’s mentality, and I think it’d be pretty cool if we could reward and encourage such a positive and forward-thinking approach.

    "We would like to grow together with the projects integrated on our platform, as well as have them grow with us." - Matt, from Flare Wallet

    I think the benefits of being listed are quite good. On one hand, you’ve probably heard of that project before. They’ve grown nicely in the last few years and have built a solid reputation around their product. On the other hand, they do not have a ton of cryptocurrencies listed as they would rather focus on quality projects and their own wallet. So I believe that their good exposure and reputation within the crypto community, combined with the relatively low amount of coins they have listed, could provide Particl with a nice exposure boost as well as give it a cool stamp of approval. And, as mentioned above, I can’t speak enough of how beneficial getting an atomic swap DEX on Particl Desktop would be…

    So for all the reasons mentioned above, I am opening an open development bounty for Flare Wallet as a gesture of goodwill from our community and to reward the positive approach of another fellow security and privacy-focused project. I will leave this bounty open indefinitely and will be giving the private keys of it directly to the Flare Wallet team. It would be really cool if we could get a nice number of coins in there, and I can’t wait for PART to be on their wallet (both Particl and Flare Wallet teams are currently working on the technical aspects of the integration). So let’s show our appreciation and directly contribute to the future of Particl by helping it being listed on a future atomic swap DEX exchange that we’ll then be able to integrate on Particl!

    Particl Donation Address: PmoYUcWPkAhGSs9xjwFSoGpg1VTs7aJtz5

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