Inaugural Particl March Madness Bracket Pool

  • Welcome to the inaugural Particl March Madness Bracket Pickem contest!

    For those of you who are unfamiliar with the annual American college basketball tournament, it’s like this:

    There are 64 teams to start the tournament, you pick which team you think will win each game. It’s is more or less pure gambling, some people can have more knowledge than others but the vast majority of people that enter these things are doing it purely for fun. Even a professional sports better would have a very small edge at best.

    50 part per bracket, you can enter as many bracket as you like.

    Payouts will depend on number of entries but we will probably do something like 1st = 60% 2nd = 30% 3rd = 10%. If we don’t get many entries then we can make it winner-take-all. I will announce payout structure before the first round games.

    Steps to enter:

    1. Join the group here:

    2. select your teams (you can edit it any time before the first games of the tournament)

    3. Send 50 PART for each entry to one of the following addresses:

    4. pm me on discord or telegram (rickosu) your yahoo bracket name and proof of funds being sent (blockexplorer link preferably). anyone that doesn’t pay before the tournaments starts will have their brackets removed.

    Thanks and best of luck!

  • @letsparty You can also enter trustlessly via the marketplace listing that looks like this: alt text

  • This is a really neat idea! Thanks for doing it.

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