How to create feature requests for Particl

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    The Particl project lives from the knowledge and expertise of the community.

    Therefore it should be as easy as possible for the individual to contribute. Here, in this case it is about feature requests. These refer to the function, processes and other solutions for the Particl Marketplace or the PART Coin.

    How to write a feature request

    In general, there are no set rules on how a feature request should be written and/or what tools should be used to write it.

    The text template given here has proven to be useful and takes different points of view to create a complete picture of a solution or change. It is especially important to consider the implications of a desired solution.

    Small feature requests

    If it’s a small, not very complex feature-request, the very best approach is to create this feature request on GitHub.

    Using Github for this purpose is not difficult to use. Only a user account needs to be created. If someone wishes not to link this account to one of his email accounts, you can also use a disposable email address.

    Please follow this link: Particl feature request on GH


    The collaboration of community members is warmly welcomed and supported. This is also to be understood as a kind of team-building process.


    Paper Dropbox

    Live editing and collaboration (formerly hackpad) is a very powerful tool to work with multiple persons on a document. The overall UI is very clean and straight forward. The tool takes care of the document history and who wrote what. Very convenient to use the mobile Dropbox Paper app or Dropbox desktop client to get notified on changes of a document or requests.

    -== Url: Feature request: Qualified template ==-

    Usage: Press “create document” in the top right corner to make a copy and start writing. Once published on the forum we grant access to the feature requests folder so the document can be stored there.


    Example: Feature request: dynamic marketplace fee distribution to referrals

    Text file

    Edit with any text-editor

    You can use any text-editor to modify this file. A very powerful texteditor is sublime-text. But you will need to take care of the hosting of the file. GitHub is also an option. Learn GitHub or try GitHub Desktop

    -== Url: ==-


    • This textfile makes usage of the markdown language. It is very easy to learn but yet very powerful. Learn Markdown
    • As this file has a .md extension it may be helpful to associate that with your text-editor. Most OS do not support it from the get-go.
    • Use the easy and helpful Sublime-Text editor

    Hint: This post makes extensive usage of the markdown language.

    Word document

    Old but gold

    You know how it works. But you will need to take care of the hosting of the file. GitHub is also an option. Learn GitHub or try GitHub Desktop

    -== Url: template_feature_request.docx ==-

    Forum post

    Inline proposals with Markdown

    This forum has support for the markdown language. So you just take the markdown download file, edit it and use copy & paste to put it into the forum directly.

    -== Url: ==-

    Now there should be no excuse why someone cannot write a feature-request.

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