Utilizing Meetup.com's Crypto Networks & a Particl Marketplace Laptop to Discuss Particl

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    I’ve mentioned this on telegram and want also to say this here. I think there is tremendous value in each community member identifying preexisting crypto networks and then attending these events in order to share Particl.

    I just got a new laptop and loaded a demo wallet onto it. Last evening I shared the Particl Marketplace with a friend who had heard me explain it but had never actually interacted with the platform. His reaction was one of pure excitement, once he could see it, navigate it and finally envision some of the marketplace’s use cases. Guess who wants to get involved now? 🙂

    Moving forward, I will be taking the laptop with me to every event that I attend. I suspect it will be an irreplaceable tool in sharing this technology with other crypto supporters. Please consider joining me at these meetups, or doing something similar in your region. Wherever you’re at, you can make a difference in Particl awareness.

    Let’s do this!!

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    The response from your friend is great! once most people see particl and you explain it to them in a way they really get it, most are sold! Particl is cool! full stop. uncensorable decentralized privacy focused it’s bad ass like BTC was when it first made it’s appearance to the wider world. I have had the same reaction myself from people who are super impressed by the smoothness and the responsiveness of the marketplace and overall wallet (Not perfect) but with Particl Desktop 2.4.0. soon to make it’s debut on testnet and soon afterwards mainnet I am looking forward to showing off new features and improvements.

    “This full re-write of the Desktop application will not only be a benefit to the developers, but will also make the application much smoother to use and will feel much faster and polished. While the general UI will still look somewhat similar, the code holding it together will be dramatically improved”.


    I am sold already can’t wait!

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