Intro in setting up a proposal for community discussions

    1. set up “New Topic” in Proposals category (or reply to this message as topic)

    2. choose a topic-titel starting with the proposal-ID and the proposal titel in the following format:

    proposal-ID = date (YYMMDD) + consecutive number

    first proposal on March 5th 2021: 210305-01_My First Titel
    second proposal on March 5th 2021: 210305-02_My Second Titel

    1. reference any previous community discussions this proposal is based on

    With reference to: 201130-01_ Previous referenced discussion titel, 210117-01_Another previous discussion title

    1. copy your proposal description (as e.g. given on the particl marketplace) in full length as message to your proposal topic

    2. Submit your proposal for community discussion 🙂

    3. Great, You’re done!

    PS: let the community know about your proposal by adding it to the #new-proposal-list

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