🌟 New Development Roadmap Released 🌟

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    New Particl development roadmap for 2020 and beyond has been released…and it’s MASSIVE! 🎉

    [https://particl.news/new-development-roadmap-released-b7b745b18309](link url)

    Deployed since July 17, 2017 Particl®️ (PART) is growing, evolving and offering its innovative multi-function open source technology allowing strategic growth opportunities such as creating DApps, executing public or anonymous smarts contracts, sharing encrypted messages or exploiting the secure B2B B2G and B2C marketing platform to enable everyone to trade anything and everything.

    Particl’s features and decentralized marketplace are designed to respect users’ rights to privacy throughout the Particl®️ ecosystem is completely private, meaning that no transaction can be traced back to a user and that user identity and data is highly encrypted.

    Thus Particl®️ (PART) provides the advantages of fully decentralised scale with a low ecological impact as it is based on the PoS3 protocol drastically reducing operating costs and carbon footprint. Its own massively improved native Proof-of-Stake protocol (Schnorr and CT Bulletproofs signatures) on PoS3 to which have been added cold staking, quantum resistance, community voting and more new features to discover and more revolutionary features in preparation.

    Ideal for real, daily, inexpensive and confidential use, Particl works with all other crypto-currencies by allowing holders of other crypto-currencies to spend their assets on the market platform provided.

    It is possible to generate a passive income thanks to the interest storage of your PARTs. This gives users the possibility to earn a minimum regular interest of 4%.

    Particl®️ (PART) is accessible to support building the architecture of the new digital and decentralized web3.0 economy. It is now an excellent opportunity to exploit the power of Particl®️ to make accessible at any time the exploitation, exchange and use of your assets in any projection, either public or confidential or in total anonymity according to your choice of transactions because with Particl you have the choice, at any time.

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