7-(A) - Freeze of coins

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    For the duration of voting, the coins might be locked and thus not able to be spent on the marketplace. A better solution might have to be found to prevent the freeze of coins.

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    have you looked into the raffle system that Decred uses for their voting system? as far as i know, you freeze your coins for X period of time and for each coin locked up you receive a ticket into a drawing to reward participation.


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    Cool! I think Decred’s PoS-Voting is very interesting. I haven’t been aware of it, and so far only read a small part of it’s documentation, but I particularly like the idea of Voting Service Providers (VSP):

    “A VSP is a community-run wallet to which you can assign the voting rights of your tickets. The VSP will vote on your behalf, charging a small percentage of the PoS reward as a fee for this service.”

    The problem I currently have, I can’t read all the different voting procedures of the various projects. Thus, your provided link is very helpful and I will also add it to our list of references topic. Maybe others can read this as well and then comment their opinion.

    Many Thx!

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    With topic 5-(B) we came up with the suggestion to vote by an outgoing transaction. Would mean you send a defined small amount of PART from an address which contains a larger amount of PART which might represent the total number of your votes at a certain defined time. Apart from that, there may also be the possibility to vote only with your staked coins.

    In both cases there shouldn’t be the need to move and to freeze a large amount of your coins for voting purposes.

    But are there also other voting procedures we should take into consideration (pro&cons). E.g. the way how decred is doing their voting. Any other opinions?

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