7-(A) - Freeze of coins

  • For the duration of voting, the coins might be locked and thus not able to be spent on the marketplace. A better solution might have to be found to prevent the freeze of coins.

  • have you looked into the raffle system that Decred uses for their voting system? as far as i know, you freeze your coins for X period of time and for each coin locked up you receive a ticket into a drawing to reward participation.


  • @letsparty
    Cool! I think Decred’s PoS-Voting is very interesting. I haven’t been aware of it, and so far only read a small part of it’s documentation, but I particularly like the idea of Voting Service Providers (VSP):

    “A VSP is a community-run wallet to which you can assign the voting rights of your tickets. The VSP will vote on your behalf, charging a small percentage of the PoS reward as a fee for this service.”

    The problem I currently have, I can’t read all the different voting procedures of the various projects. Thus, your provided link is very helpful and I will also add it to our list of references topic. Maybe others can read this as well and then comment their opinion.

    Many Thx!

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