3-(N) - Backing proposals with parts/votes

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    To express the urgent need of a decission making, the proposer can back it’s proposal by a certain amount of part.

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    After finished the first two discussion points, I’d like to start on this third one.

    Shall we treat each proposal equally with the same importance, or shall we give the proposer, and those backing this proposal, a way to express the importance to vote and to put into effect of this proposal.

    What kind of “Backing” (funding) shall that be, maybe PARTs?
    Who will receive the amounts?
    Who will be responsible to distribute the funding depending on the voting outcome?

    What I personally could imagine, is that the funding can be used as a kind of ranking if there are multiple proposals to vote on. Those proposals with the highest fundings are displayed on top and thus are more obvious to potential voters. Those with low funding, will appear at the very end of a potential proposal list. Thus, potential proposal “spammers” will gain less attention unless they (or other supporters of the proposal) spend a certain amount of parts with their proposal. After the end of the voting period the “backing” parts could be sent to the foundation wallet or be used for other community purposes (e.g. as bounty for those executing the proposal).

    What is the communities opinion on that?
    Don’t hesitate to leave your comments and inputs. 🙂

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