2-(H) - Active proposal discussion for potential proposal correction

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    I see this in strong correlation with 1-(J).
    Let’s see how the work environment on the forum is suited for a well organized proposal discussion, and then think about potential improvements to it.

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    When posting a proposal on particl marketplace, I suggest that every proposer should also create at Community Governance (Proposals) a new topic with it’s Proposal Titel and a self created Proposal-ID, which follows this convention:

    Proposal-ID and the Proposal Titel in the following format (YYMMDD):
    first proposal on March 5th 2021: 210305-01_My First Titel
    second proposal on March 5th 2021: 210305-02_My Second Titel

    So this Proposal-Format (ID+Titel) should be used as titel for the new topic (thread) where everybody can give feedback or ask questions related to the proposal to vote on. For the voting period the proposer would have to act as a kind of moderator and should be responsible for answering questions related to his proposal.

    Also we should make as many community members as possible aware of the new proposal. Thus, when posting a proposal, the proposer should also make an entry here: #new-proposal-list
    Once a new entry (reply) has been made in #new-proposal-list, we should forward this entry automatically to #general in Discord. By that also telegram or matrix users are becoming informed on the newly available proposal to vote for. However, the #new-proposal-list isn’t meant for discussions, it’s solely for information purposes of non-forum users.

    So, what do you think of that?
    Just leave a comment or up- / downvote this. 🙂

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    yep I like it! much better chance of getting people to actively participate/vote on your proposal if we have the chance to discuss it somewhere like here. I know from expeience sometimes it takes a little convincing and explaning of what your trying to do and why before people are willing to get behind it. the forum here is perfect place for this as it’s archived anybody who ponders why it was proposed/implemented can be pointed back to this forum and the appropriate thread.

    Maybe it should be a requirement in the proposal form to create a thread here first so you can link back to it? I think it would be fair to make this a requirement to create a proposal.

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    I recently set up a proposal (200402-01) along the proposed proceedings in https://particl.community/topic/57/intro-in-setting-up-a-proposal-for-community-discussions.

    It seemed to work out pretty good and we havn’t got any other suggestions from the community so far. If there won’t be any other comments to come in on this topic 2-(H) I will summarize this discussion as follows, and then close this topic.

    “The proposer is responsible to open and to maintain for the duration of its proposal listing a discussion group (topic) on the community forum in the governance proposal category. He will have to follow the procedure as described here.”

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