1-(J) - Commonly accepted communication platform

  • Since the feedback on the discord “community-proposals” channel hasn’t been great, I’d suggest for first actions to move the discussions onto the particl forum.

    In a second step we can think about integrating a proposal discussion “forum” directly into the particl marketplace.

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    I like where you going with this 🙂 still need to do my list! I am still looking over it as you have brought up so many great points I don’t know how to put them in order just yet 😅

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    @dadon I believe the order has already been determined. Now we get to sort through the topics! 🙂

  • Now once we voted for the forum as discussion platform, we soon can start to collect all further ideas and comments. If you like, you can already start to post your ideas at the various topics. I will still try to activate some more community members to join the forum for discussion 🙂

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    @Pancake I’m thankful for your dedication in working towards getting the community organized!

  • @NotACarreraS
    Thank you for your nice words. Let’s share a bit of our time with this project and also let’s try to have as much fun as possible, by not watching every day on the part price 🙂
    It’s tough, but sometimes it’s just not worth it 😅

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    @Pancake While I’d like to see the price climb, I really don’t care about it right now. I’ve committed to crypto meetups all year to help spread awareness (and many other tasks too.) More people are pitching in to help and an eventually rising price will be based on how well each of us perform as a community, in the big picture.

  • @NotACarreraS
    Same here 🙂
    You’re right, since I am trying to help out with some “usefull” particl tasks, in helping to increase adoption of particl marketplace, I am much less worried about price decline or project delays. I am looking forward to all the cool features still on the roadmap, without beeing in a hurry. It just makes fun being part of the still small community and seeing the project advancing step by step.

  • Hey everybody,
    we’ve decided in a vote to use this forum for further discussions on proposals or on self-governance issues. So I assume, we will stay with this forum for the upcoming months and years.

    However, in the long run, since this forum might also represent a kind of “centralized” service, we could also envision to integrate a kind of forum into our particl marketplace. This would mean, any kind of messaging will pass through our decentralized particl platform.

    What’s your opinion on that?

    I finally want to wrap up all our ideas and opinions (from 1-(J) to 14-(C.)) into one document and also to come up with a proposal for our envisioned particl governance procedure (e.g. voting). At the end we then should vote on this as well.
    But for now, let’s just start with discussing this first topic 1-(J).

    Since not every technical governance feature can be implemented right away, we probably often have to start with a kind of compromise (maybe like using this forum instead of using right away the particl marketplace with its then implemented forum function). Nevertheless, my goal is not to come up with some first compromises, but with a proposal for a final particl governance solution which then might represent the best of the best governance solutions in the whole crypto-sphere ☺
    (Yeah, why should we lag behind our devs which are implementing the best privacy coin in crypto sphere 😉 )

    So please share your ideas with us. If you agree, please also let us know by writing a short comment or upvoting some of the posts. The more community members take part, the stronger the community gets. 💪

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    @Pancake It would be great to have forum features built natively into the Particl wallet but I think this forum is great for now. Thanks for all the work that you’re putting into this initiative.

  • Thanks @NotACarreraS 🙂
    Yes, this forum will be great for the upcoming years. There are first many other more important things to implement into the marketplace.
    However, what’s your feeling in the long term. Could you imagine having the marketplace as communication platform as well. Often I see the problem that many community members have their own individual prefered communication system (matrix, telegram, discord, …). By having it implemented inside of the marketplace we wouldn’t have to rely on any third party communication platform anymore. Particularly once a particl mobile app is available as well.

    What are others opinion. Would it be worth trying to implement a kind of messaging system in the long run?
    Or any other suggestions?

  • Herewith I close this discussion and will sum the outcome as follows:

    • Particl Community Forum will be choosen as primary choice for proposals and structured community discussions

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