Intro into optimizing particl's self-governance (voting procedures)

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    Hello, dear particl community!
    Democracy is not a “good given” asset, and each society or community has to elaborate and evolve their own governance mechanism. We’ve seen this in politics as well as in the many borderless internet communities, that evolved from their open-source-ideology.

    Since communities get bigger and free to participate, their members are most likely spread all over the world and communicate with each other on social media in a cross-cultural way.

    Modern self-governance mechanisms will have to serve the need for a widely accepted decission making process. Furthermore, the governance mechanisms should also be easily to evolve, for beeing adapted to a potential future change in it’s community structure.

    The first goal of this Proposals category is to elaborate needed requirements and to discuss possible solutions for a community wide accepted, and also employed, voting procedure. Each requirement is going to be discussed in it’s own topic. The then proposed solutions are gathered together and structured into a document which describes the actually favored voting procedures to support a functioning self-governance structure, based on the current particl community.

    This document in it’s actual state can be found here: (still to be defined)

    This document can and should evolve over time. However, the evolvement should only be done by a community wide accepted voting decision, which it’s initial procedures now have to be elaborated by this community task.

    We do hope for broad discussions, many upcoming ideas, good proposals and a successful and fruitful teamwork.

    Many thanks and have fun in contributing to this awsome project,


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    thank you for taking the time to do this pancake

    this is a good starting place for the much needed development and optimization our governance

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    I would prefer classic numbers than romans one, it’s easier to read 🙂

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    Yup, can also use numbers. 🙂
    Do you know whether I can also fix the order of the topics from 1 - 14. Right now I guess it orders them based on their last replys. Do I have to pin them all?

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    @Pancake you can order by oldest to newest, would be the best

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    This post is deleted!
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    For documentation purposes you can find here the “old” screenshots of the previous discussions on particl discord community-proposal channel, up until March, 27th 2020. With our vote from February 2020 we decided to move the discussions on community voting (self-governance) over to the particl community forum.
    The #community-proposals channel may remain active to inform discord-users on potential upcoming active community voting decisions (proposals).


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    😎 So, dear community,
    let’s start the discussions onto this particl self-governance topics 🤩

    I hope the first topic to discuss 1-(J), is one of the more “easy” topics, because we already voted for the forum as self-governance communication platform, and now trying to figure out it’s pro&cons. At the very end of all those points to discuss (1-(J), … 14-(-C-)), there should be a kind of document as outcome, which describes a possible way to “govern” our community discussions. I will use therefore a dropbox paper, like dros has proposed as proposal template here. You can also see an example here.

    I personally, won’t post messages on self-governance on the discord community-proposal channel anymore. I made some screenshots up until the beginning of march, to document the previous discussions on discord, which can be found in the previous post. So please also give your feedback and replies exclusively on the forum, since postings on discord or telegram won’ t be forwarded to the forum anymore.

    Thanks for making this community a warm and welcome place in sharing your opinions on the possible future of a community driven, self-governing, decentralized, worldwide, private marketplace 🙂!

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