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    In 2021, we are almost 4 billion human beings to browse the Internet from a mobile device. On the strength of this observation, designers are changing tack and are increasingly choosing to create the mobile version of their websites first, before designing the desktop version. Here, let’s see how to create a mobile-first site. What is mobile-first design? create a mobile-first site Mobile-first design, as the name suggests, prioritizes the mobile version of a website. Thus, the creation of the site starts from the mobile screen. In this way, you ensure the most optimal user experience possible on any type of device (smartphone, tablet, computer). The designer therefore produces a mobile layout which then evolves to be gradually adapted to larger screen sizes.

    Creating a mobile architecture photo retouching service is more limited than for a desktop version. On a smaller screen, the number of elements is necessarily more limited. The exercise therefore forces you to target the creation around the most important components, that is, what the user needs the most. Other elements may of course be added when adapting this mobile version to a desktop layout. But then you will know exactly the most important elements to highlight. +30,000 graphic designers available on Receive free quotes Fast, free and without obligation Mobile-first design: think like your users create_a_mobile_first_site First and foremost, you need to fully understand the pain points of your future visitors in order to design an easy-to-use mobile website for them.

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    Second point, you must define the path you want your users to follow. To do this, you need to consider different behavior scenarios for each of your pages, so you can adjust your journey accordingly. To achieve this : increase visits to existing mobile sites; analyze the competition in order to stand out with solutions that they themselves do not offer on their mobile site; survey your visitors in order to clarify with them their blocking points. The Visual Content Hierarchy create a mobile-first site to a successful mobile site. So be absolutely sure to provide your visitors with the content they are looking for, without subjecting them to a panoply of cumbersome elements that could distract them from the main information on the page.

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