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    You can also add a caption to your illustrations to help the user and Google understand the context. Today, it is essential to work on your presence on image searches to gain visibility and captivate the audience. UX design and illustrations illustration and UX design The graphics of a website can improve the UX design of a website or the design of the user experience. UX refers to all of the emotions of users when they arrive on a web page. An illustration can be used to optimize the UX design by improving the user experience.

    Indeed, the visual dimension is very photo retouching service important to capture the attention of users. If the graphics and illustrations are poorly designed or unsuitable, the visitor will not linger on the site. Images are what the user notices first when arriving on a website, so they must be of good quality and in line with your brand. Feel free to hire a professional graphic designer to create professional illustrations . Layout The positioning of an illustration on a web page is important in web design. But how to position the images to design an optimized layout and facilitate visitor navigation? – The illustration can be used as an introduction of a website if it contains a message, a hook or an action.

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    Full-width illustrations can be used as a banner to highlight a message on a site or on any other communication medium. – You can use an illustration to illustrate related content – ​​Images can be used in lists to effectively direct the user. The most appropriate place for placement of images in web marketing would be on the upper left side of a page. You can also center images between paragraphs of text like on most blog posts. In compliance with the graphic charter must be designed in accordance with the graphic charter of your brand . You can use more than one as long as they stay consistent with your site design and brand. If you usually use soft colors in your marketing communication , it is not advisable to create illustrations with bright or garish colors.

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