The relationship between reality memory

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    The same time with this energy we consciously reject entire parts of reality and render them blurry and indistinct even though our eyes see them sharp and clear. We use the incredibly fast speed of the photographic shutter the speed of an infinitesimal fraction of a second to talk about stillness since that is the goal of photography. We choose a shot angle in the hope of making it definitive and absolute And those photographers who are not fascinated by the unreality of transformation and the mystery of stillness but seek the exact truth of those depicted quickly realize.

    That it lies more in the captions of the images and our preconceived notions e-commerce photo editing of what is contained in them rather than what the photograph shows which ultimately only reveals what we want and are ready to see. But where are all these schizophrenic contradictions of the photographic medium due Perhaps in the fact that the essential content of the photograph is the description of a part of the space in a moment of time. Of a time and a space that exist ever changing. Photography comes to ceremoniously certify the relativity of these two dimensions through the simple fact that a new photographic time and a new photographic space are born from those whom the photographer captures.


    The still photographic spacetime continues its course unchanged alongside the continuous mutation of the real spacetime that gave birth to it. The photographic click simultaneously creates establishes and undoes time and space. The great vogue of photography and its various applications have caused a confusion about its true identity. But all the offshoots of the photographic image and its multiple uses even when they defiantly and consciously subvert its identity exist through in relation to or in opposition to this identity. To search for it we must as usually happens resort to the sources. And these lead us without deviation to and time. That is in what prevailed to be called souvenir photography. Photography began as a seemingly accurate imprint of reality.

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