Using Facebook and Instagram is Nothing New for the Majority of Businesses

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    Don’t make your customers wait too long with a negative perception of your brand. 7. Offer 24/7 customer support Strikingly live chat Image by Strikingly This trick is a continuation of the previous one. Indeed, previously, we said that we had to be fast. Well, to resolve customer complaints as quickly as possible, you need to have a system that will allow you to offer 24/7 customer support . Installing a live chat feature on your website is the ideal approach to achieve this. In today’s digital age, this is child’s play, especially with website builders like Strikingly. Conclusion Subscribe to Strikingly Image by Strikingly A responsive and user-friendly website goes a long way in keeping your customers happy and reducing the number of complaints you receive. That’s what you’ll get with Strikingly . On top of that, this website builder offers you plenty of features to make your life easier and avoid customer complaints. Our goal is to make the process of running a website as easy and enjoyable as possible.

    About 10 years ago and has been a worldwide success, especially among teenagers. Generally, social networks experience slow growth or sudden stops. The little white ghost has stood the test of time to become an indispensable tool for all young people. When the app was launched, no one imagined that Snapchat would be used by businesses for promoting products and services. Snapchat marketing is just as important these jewelry retouch service​ days as Facebook or Instagram. ∙ Discover the Benefits of Snapchat Marketing! At the very beginning of its launch in 2011, Snapchat was called Picaboo and had only 127 users. It is nowadays a must-have application for brands and is widely used in the field of marketing and strategy development . Snapchat is aimed at a young audience, especially millennials, thanks to features such as photo editing and filters for images. Snapchat marketing, on the other hand, uses these options for profit.

    Some are more familiar with Snapchat. In this article, we will show you everything there is to know about Snapchat marketing as well as the advantages of using it through the following tips: Generate Web Traffic Boost Engagements Build Brand Awareness Attract New Subscribers Influence Purchasing Create Engaging Content Personalize your Marketing Message Look Cool 1. Generate Web Traffic Snaps are short-lived messages since the photos and videos received from users disappear after a few moments. Although it may seem counterproductive, but it is a great strategy for generating web traffic . It is this fast and fleeting nature that creates a sense of urgency and curiosity among users. When you receive a snap, you’ll want to quickly preview it before it disappears. It’s that thrill and having to view messages quickly that drives traffic to the app. If the visual messages are personalized, then they will have even more potential to attract traffic. Snapchat marketing harnesses this sentiment to successfully promote brands, products, and services.

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