Particl adoption pitch to small(er) bussinesses

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    I have heard several times on the MoneroTalk podcast how the hosts will, in real time, get people to adopt Monero for their services (say at a restaurant or small business). I have also heard on other podcasts how some people have created a sort of elevator pitch for adopting cryptocurrencies like BTC and XMR.

    I really love the Particl Marketplace and I had an idea about assembling a sort of combination of the two ideas above to be able to give to small businesses and to help spread the word about the Particl Marketplace. It could, perhaps look something like the following:

    1. You are at your favorite local soap store, for instance, buying some soap.
    2. At checkout, you ask to speak to either the owner or the manager or someone to chat about getting their products out to more customers.
    3. During this initial pitch, you try to address some of the pain points the business may experience as well as promoting the benefits of Particl.
    4. I would imagine at this point they may say either a) say no thanks, b) say they will look into it, or c) ask you if you have time to help them get set up.
    5. For b), it might be useful to perhaps just point them to and give them your contact information if they decide to get up and started. But for c), I think one would have to be willing to walk them through the installation of Particl Marketplace, going from local currency (like USD) to PART, going from PART to local currency, and finally how they can get their inventory set up.

    I think 1 - 4 would have to be scoped to at timeframe of about 5 - 10 minutes so it would be ideal to have the benefits and pain points addressed up front. Sort of like an elevator pitch.

    For 5, it would be nice to have as reference a detailed set of videos with commentary explaining the different workflows as well as some standardized workflow of swapping between local currency and PART.

    I would really like to see growing adoption of Particl but I don’t use social media. I thought this might be a way for others as well to spread the word about Particl to businesses directly. I was curious if something like the above was already in the works or was already available? If not, I’d be happy to work with the community through this post to develop something for other community members to take and use.

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