Uk Bans Unhealthy Product Campaigns Before 9pm

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    Banning the advertising of certain products due to their harmful effects has been one of the recurring ways that the authorities have followed to reduce their impact. This is what happened decades ago with tobacco and what has happened not so long ago with gambling and betting. Now, an attempt is being made to determine what will follow in the plans of the Country Email List public administrations.There are several types of products that have become increasingly ‘public enemy number 1’. There is the case of sugar and all highly sugary products, which in some countries, such as Spain, have already seen the weight of taxes applied as a deterrent to purchase rise. It has also happened with fossil fuels , which are in the spotlight for their effects on the environment.

    It is taken for granted that the future will bring changes with how your products can or cannot be Country Email List advertised and those - like cars - that use them.And the other big scene for products whose advertising faces potential problems is that of junk food. The impact it has on children’s diets is one of the reasons why a movement to limit how these brands and products are advertised has started to gain momentum. The case of the United Kingdom may be a perfect example to see it: advertisements for fast food brands will have to go to adult hours.The brands linked to this type of product will have to follow a schedule for the broadcast. Its ads will be banned before 9pm, which does not seem like such a late time in Spain but it is British prime time. It is assumed that after 9 pm the children will no longer be watching TV.

    This ban, however, locks out the internet, which, taking into account children’s content consumption habits, could have little effect on the ads they see. Brands will also be able to have their own presence on the internet, such as profiles Country Email List on social networks, and continue to carry out brand actions in those environments.The measure will take effect in late 2022, giving the industry one year to adapt, and is connected to the movement to reduce childhood obesity. All products considered unhealthy will be prohibited in the advertisements of any product with high salt, fat or sugar.

    There will also be an exception depending on the type of company and type of product. Some products that have a high level of some of these previous points but are considered less harmful will be outside the advertising restrictions (it happens, for example, to avocados, thousand or olive oil).Outside the norm will also be SMEs. The advertising Country Email List restrictions will only affect companies with more than 250 employees. All these exceptions have led to a political debate in the UK, while marketers are also being critical of the measure, given that it gives very little time to adjust their future plans.

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