F-Droid repo launched

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    A #privacy project shouldn’t be dependent on Google and their “ToyStore”.

    That’s why we decided to launch our own F-Droid Android app repository:

    Just a handful of apps is included initially, including:

    • Particl Copay (PART, BTC)
    • Samourai Wallet (BTC)
    • Sentinel Watch Only (BTC)
    • Bluewallet (BTC, LND)

    We’re open to more app suggestions!

    Please keep in mind that updating the apps is a manual process and therefore some updates may take longer to show up with their latest versions.

    We’ll try to update the apps whenever new version is available or on approx. monthly basis.

    Feel free to support our Repo efforts at: PY1mCNhoGX3Pce8WeBzYz929KEfHpshSep