V3.0.0 Feedback

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    1. We need a push notification and/or a section where we can look up comments and follow a conversation.

    2. We need a section tab for flagged items. So you can look them up and/or vote to remove them. Also if you flag a item out of a misstake it will disapear permanently.

    3. You need to add “.0” when you try to set up a sell on the mp i.e. i sell sth for 1 part i need to enter the price as 1.0. would be nice to remove that or to make a note to users so they dont forget to set a decimal.

    4. In V2 we had a feature to convert to anon funds when you initialize a order and hadn´t enough anon funds allrdy. Now you have to manually go to the conversion page to do this. Pls re-add this feature.

    5. Save the shipping profile even if you do not initialize the order/buy. It will help the user experince a lot. You will face this problem everytime you try to buy sth and dont have enough anon funds for the escrow.

    6. Would like to have a default setting for the „category“ settings when creating a sale. Or even have the possibility to post a listing without a specific category so it is displayed in every category section. If this isn`t possible make a note to users so they dont forget to set a „category“.

    just some first thoughts. should i report this on github aswell?

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    Hi @C-Skywalker ,
    I suggest to post feedback and feature requests first inside the community forum and to wait for other community feedback, but principally you can also post your points on github as well.

    1. I agree
    2. Yes, would be nice, but there might be governance issues I’m not aware of.
    3. I don’t have to add “.0” to set up my listings
    4. I agree, but I never used this feature in V2
    5. You can manage all your shipping profiles inside the “cart” section (tab: shipping profiles). Best you start there to set up your initial shipping profile, and then start bidding.
    6. It asked me (most of the time) to set up a “category” and I did get a note therefore. If you once set up a listing category for a certain market, PD “remembers” this for the case of a recurring publishing.
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    Dropping some feedback here based on the listed requests:

    1. The current comments section in the details modal for a listing is more representative of the traditional “review” commentary. The type of commentary that the request appears to want is more of the Q&A style (“ask the seller”) commentary that is planned for an upcoming release. We had plans to include this already in v3.0 but time constraints etc didn’t leave much time for its inclusion, and I would rather deliver a proper working solution than something half done and not working properly. The general mechanics are all there now, so it should be a relatively quick update to put in when time avails itself to do so. ie: something we plan on doing, but will be slightly different to the current listing comment implementation.

    2. This exists: in the listings page, on the left side of the view, below the filters, is a flag icon. Has the popup text when hovering that is currently labelled “Show reported listings only”. Toggling this button shows only the reported listings or all of the listings.

    3. This does not seem to be the case, or at least I can’t seem to reproduce it in any way currently.

    4. I don’t recall this feature existing in v2 -> we’ve never had a function to auto convert public funds to anon, at least not since I’ve been around anyway. You’d have to please indicate where this feature was.

    5. I’d prefer that the user manually manages their shipping profiles in the relevant tab. But, this can be looked at in a future minor update.

    6. A product needs a category to belong to, and thus if publishing to a storefront then its up to the publisher to potentially just have a single category which they publish all listings to. It doesn’t appear to make much sense though to have any single item in all categories… I don’t think this is really something currently applicable to implement or focus on implementing at the very least. I understand the need to make the user more aware of the need to create their initial category list after creating a new storefront market. We have some initial suggestions and some worthwhile options to look into at the moment. Just depends on whether it’ll be in v3.0.0 or v3.0.1 type of thing (see answer to question 5 above) 😛

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