Volunteer List - 3.0.0 Testnet

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    In accordance with the discussion on “Thoughts on community testing for Particl Desktop 2.4.0”, we will be gathering the information for volunteers wishing to dedicate some time in testing the upcoming Marketplace.

    Call for serious volunteers
    Before you volunteer, make sure you are serious about it. I would recommend to get in touch with the community in Telegram/Discord/Riot and ask your questions regarding the testing before writing your information below.

    Information Required from participants:
    *Reply with that format

    1. Participant Identifier (We suggest to choose #xxx, where xxx stands for a consecutive number, but you can also choose what you like; nickname etc…)
    2. Time Zone (UTC +/-…)
    3. Preferred timing (You can input the letter based on the chart below)
    4. System you will be using (Windows, apple…) *just to give a rough idea.
    5. Market and Access keys for your Community and Private Markets
    6. Status: (feel free to add any comments, e.g. whether you are actually testing, under what conditions you bid, how your listings typically look like, whether you are still accepting bids or you just won’t respond anymore, …)


    Based on each volunteers given identifier (e.g. #001 - indicated on the marketplace listing or shipping profile), buyers and sellers can try to get in contact with their trading partners based on the information they have given inside here.

    You should mark your identifier at the beginning of each listing, and also in the name field of your shipping profile. So buyer or seller are able to get in contact with you, based on your identifier and your community profile name here in the particl community forum.

    An easy way to import multiple listings is by .csv-files. Below an example is given (unfortunately I can’t upload .csv-files and therefor you must rename the given .txt-file into .csv before importing).
    import_template_Volunteers_#001.txt --> rename to .csv

    For an import of listings proceed as follows:

    • Sell (on the sidebar)
    • Inventory & Products (on the upper very right tab)
    • Select Import (Select CSV file as import source, and upload your file)

    I recommend you prepare a bunch of photos, which you later can upload to each individual listing (edit listing). There you can also edit your listing entries from the csv-import, like text, pricing, whether you still accept bids or just won’t respond anymore, …

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    1. #1224
    2. CEST (UTC+1)
    3. Q (18:00 - 19:00)
    4. Windows 10 x64
    5. Status:
      Currently I stopped actively bidding and publishing any listings
      I will try to bid on most other Community Listings which are smaller priced than 1 PART. My personal listings will typically start with #1224 and containing the particl community logo. Feel free to bid on any of my listings as often as you like. I’ll always try to respond within 12 hours.
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    Tux1991 #0821
    UTC +1
    R or S ( 18 - 20 )
    Linux and Windows 10 x 64

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    1. Ozan #4103
    2. UTC +3
    3. O or T (17:00-18:00 or 22:00-23:00)
    4. MacOS Catalina 10.15.7
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    Nimelo on discord
    Windows / Linux

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