Test Cards - 3.0.0 Testnet

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    Here you can upload your testing results (test cards): 20200412_community_test_card.xls

    Furthermore some tests which not necessarily need a trading counterpart, but which are also important to test (see @Allien)
    Particl Desktop testing isn’t really just about the Marketplace. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of all the things needed to be tested – most of them doesn’t really need a second party to test it out properly:

    various installation methods on all OSes (so installation from ZIP, from system packages etc.)
    creating and restoring wallets (that’s a big and painful one) - with and without recovery passphrases
    encryption of wallets
    sending/receiving all types of PART & converting as well
    notifications of various events (TX received etc.)
    cold-staking setup - on pools and dedicated staking devices (RPi’s etc.)
    …all also with zapping
    …and disabling cold staking via zapping
    address book - saving and deleting addresses, signing and verifying messages
    and then all the Market stuff… (listing new items, listings import, buying, paying, …)

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