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    Greetings dear PARTisans,

    The next round of the Particl community lottery starts today with a new format. This time you can buy tickets till the rest of the month and we will have multiple winners


      1. place will get 50% of the price pool!
      1. & 3. place both get 25% of the price pool!

    You can only win once!


    • 0.2 Part per tickets
    • Multiple ticket purchases per user are allowed!
    • every ticket gets it’s own number!
    • If you want to purchase the same order multiple times you need to wait 4 days.(the time between me relisting the tickets)I will announce the new listing times on discord and the forum.

    There will be 3 kinds of Tickets available on the marketplace:

    • 1x Ticket for 0.2 PART
    • 5x Ticket for 1.0 PART
    • 10x Ticket for 2.0 PART


    • We will have a live-stream on Discord
    • When: 30.09.2020, Wednesday at 22:00 (UTC +2)
    • I will upload a Video soon after the drawing on Discord for people that missed the live stream!
    • Purchases will be possible till 30.09.2020, Wednesday 18:30 (UTC +2)

    Shipping info:

    • Add your Discord/Telegram handle so i can get in contract with you if you win!
    • I will publish the name of the winner on Discord and this thread!
    • If you want to stay annon just add a PART address into the shipping info, this address will get the price if the ticket number wins

    Disclaimer: All proceeds from ticket sales will go to the winning lottery ticket! I will top up the price pool from my personal stack too! Every round i will give out 1-4 free tickets on twitter (@BTCforGermans) and Discord!

    Bonne chance, viel glück, good luck, Buena suerte, boa sorte, buona fortuna, powodzenie, везение, 縁起が良い, 好运气

    P.S.: Big shout out to @Cyberpunk for creating this awesome vid!

    Note: This is a private and community driven initiative. If you have any questions feel free to ask them here or on discord (CaptainSkywalker#5787)!

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    New listings made on 13.09.2020

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    New listings made on 20.09.2020

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    New listings made on 24.09.2020

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    New listings made on 29.09.2020

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