Particl Project is and will be Open Source

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    Since we have occasionally trolls that from time to time start crying out loud that the delayed release of the Particl Desktop source code make us a closed source project, I decided to copy Arnold’s most recent answer on the matter here:

    Just viewing the msgs, so apologies for bringing this discussion up again from yesterday. But lets be clear here:

    • particl-core is open source.

    • the marketplace itself is a service, much like core, but happens to use core functionality. This service, which provides an api for consumption by 3rd parties, like core, is also open source currently . See the license on particl-market repo.

    • particl-desktop is a wrapper over other services, presenting information retrieved from those services in a graphical way, and wrapping (sometimes multiple) api calls with graphical elements such as buttons, so that the user does not need to run commands themselves. Such services are particl-market and particl-core.

    • only particl-desktop (the gui wrapper) is “delayed source”. However, its not closed source, as one can easily inspect the code that is running (its not difficult to search the web for asar unpacking - I mean, send me a msg if you get stuck and I’ll happy give you some basics on how to do it). Also, dev tools inspection when running the app will show the same thing (again, let me know if theres some issue with this), but if you want to verify the code prior to execution then the previous suggestion is what you’re looking for. But most of all, if you want access to the “pre-compiled” TS that we write for particl-desktop, then maybe as per the indication on the github release posts actually contact the project and ask for that?

    Finally, nothing precludes ongoing development work from occuring in different repos (in facy, from a dev perspective this is typically what actually happens). What counts though is the code availablility for a specific build: and that code (depending on the license used) doesnt need to be posted anywhere specifically but just needs to be available in a readable form if requested (again, depending on license specifics).

    So maybe excluding particl-desktop (in case the above has not convinced you), particl (core and the marketplace “engine” and copay and… ) is open and available, and theres no reason to say that the marketplace is closed. In fact, one can build their own GUI for the marketplace if they so choose, the same way one can build their own wallet GUI that interfaces directly with core if they so want.

    The desktop source code moving to being private was so that it couldnt be forked and edited so easily, wherebybanother project could fork us and change a logo and a colour theme and make claims about what awesome work they did or are busy doing (which did happen). The source is however available for the gui, but in a way that is readable without being necessarily easily editable for future update work, and the esitable version is available if one asks… by way of a simple explanation for the above.

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