Particl Community Fund

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    Greetings fellow PARTisans

    We decided to create Particl’s Local Communities Fund to help out in marketing the particl project. Feel free to donate! Every PART counts!

    Purpose: To fund activities for the local communities.

    Reason: The international PARTisans ranks need to grow.

    Goal: Spread the word around the globe in every language.

    • PART Donation address : RXTGvzSbq2Z4cFaBzg7CSLH7ZKsYpkJT3r

    • BTC Donation address : 3BA5iRiP8ewo7y7YzTuyAkTMQKC7qhBvBT

    Community multi-signature wallet managed by: @C.SKYWALKER, @mbacoinin, @tux


    • this is a community driven initative, there are no ties to the Particl Foundation and/or the official Particl Team.

    • Before funds can be released we will hold a vote in the community active channel on discord.

    • Voting rules: Every votes lasts 24h, If there is not cleare consensus they period of the poll will get extended by one hour. This will continue until consensus is reached or all members voted. If all active community members voted and its a draw the vote will get canceled

    • Manager of the multi-sig wallet are active community members. They solely sign transactions the community has voted on.

    • For now funds usage will focus on the local communities growth. This can change in the future

    • We will publish a monthly financial report, this report will contain In- & Outflows, Tx signers, recievers and the purpose. It will be published every 1. of the month.

    If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to post them here.

    Note: If you copy&paste the displayed particl address and use it in your desktop wallet you get a “invalid address” error. Congratz you got a “hidden character” problem. To fix this just copy the fund’s PART address from here:

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    First Vote:

    !poll “should we make a trial run to fund our current promoters tasks for ONE week (Costs: 45PART)? Vote is active for 24h! pls vote all!” “yes” “no”
    fund vote 01.09.2020.png

    C.Skywalker 1 Reply
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    This post is deleted!
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    1. Vote;
      10.09.2020 fund vote.png
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    1. Vote:
      16.09.2020 fund vote.png
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    1. Vote:
      23.09.2020 fund vote.png
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    1. Vote:29.09.2020.png
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