Whiterussians critics and complaints

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    Dear Whiterussians, YES, it’s allowed to criticize whomever, but NO, you shouldn’t persist on using others general communication platform in a repetetive way for your unproven criticism!

    Whiterussians is a well known community participant who hardly is contributing anything constructive to the particl community (except giving some personal “smart” advices from time to time). The particl community already spent hours and hours of discussions with him, but he apparently doesn’t accept others opinions and that the particl project might move into a direction he personally isn’t in line with.

    Whiterussians previously got banned multiple times for offending well engaged community and team members. Nevertheless, he always comes back with another profile and keeps moderators and team members away from contributing to the further success of the particl project.

    You can check the postings Whiterussians and some others made on the #general discord channel on August 9th/10th 2020. From my perspective some legit answers from merited and highly motivated community members like, dros, joskye or mbacoining, were given.

    In fact particl isn’t “dead” only because PART price is going down. Project development often takes longer than initially expected (that’s not only valid for particl) and there’s also no lack of leadership, since the leaders are we, the community.

    I created this thread for Whiterussions and others to write down their most important critics. I’m sure some team members will give an answer to those “complaints” and by that aren’t obliged to give the same answers on discord or telegram over and over again.

    This is also to inform newcomers to the particl project, that not every critical posting on discord or telegram will be answered or commented from other team or community members anymore. Whiterussians or others should make use of this thread and please describe their complaints in here. This makes it way easier for moderators to respond to critics or complaints by directing discussions on discord/telegram to possible answers inside this particl forum.

    Thanks everyone for your support and please let’s keep up a positive and friendly work environment.

    (This all is not an official statement and represents only my sole personal opinion)

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