1. Test: Weekly Particl Community Lottery (Week 33)

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    Greetings dear PARTisans,

    Today the weekly Particl community lottery starts.
    Tickets can be purchased on the marketplace (category other).


    • 1 Ticket = 0.1PART (ticket 1)
    • 5 Ticket = 0.5PART (ticket 2)
    • you can buy as much tickets as you want, every ticket gets a own number.
      At the end i will randomly draw 1 of these numbers as the winner.

    We start this week with a test run. This means that prices and conditions of the lottery may change in the future. For this week, winner takes it all! All proceeds from ticket sales will go to the winning lottery ticket!

    Bonne chance, viel glück, good luck, Buena suerte, boa sorte, buona fortuna, powodzenie, везение, 縁起が良い, 好运气

    Note: This is a private and community driven initiative.

    Big shout out to @Cyberpunk for creating this awesome vid!


    Heute beginnt die Particls wöchentliche Community Lotterie!

    Lose können auf dem Marktplatz gekauft werden (Kategorie Sonstiges).

    Wir beginnen diese Woche mit einem Testlauf. Das bedeutet, dass sich die Preise und Bedingungen der Lotterie in Zukunft ändern können.
    Für diese Woche gilt:
    Der Gewinner bekommt alles!
    Alle Einnahmen aus den Losverkäufen gehen an den Gewinner!

    Bonne chance, viel Glück, viel Glück, Buena suerte, boa sorte, buona fortuna, powodzenie, везение, 縁起が良い, 好运气

    Hinweis: Dies ist eine Community Initiative! Keine offizielle Aktion des Particl.io teams!


    Hoy comienza la lotería semanal de la comunidad de Particlubs.

    Los boletos pueden ser comprados en el mercado (en la categoría otros).

    Empezamos esta semana con una prueba. Esto significa que los precios y condiciones de la lotería pueden cambiar en el futuro.
    Para esta semana, el ganador se lleva todo todo lo recaudado por la venta de los boletos!


    Приветствую, дорогие партизаны,

    **Сегодня начинается еженедельная лотерея сообщества “Партикл”.
    Билеты можно приобрести на рынке (категория “другое”).

    Мы начинаем на этой неделе с пробного запуска. Это означает, что цены и условия проведения лотереи могут измениться в будущем. На этой неделе победитель забирает все! Вся выручка от продажи билетов пойдет на выигрышный лотерейный билет!

    Bonne chance, viel glück, удачи, Buena suerte, boa sorte, buona fortuna, powodzenie, везение, 縁起が良い, 好运气.

    Примечание: Это частная и общинная инициатива.

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    How can we participate and support more people to participate!

    C.Skywalker 1 Reply
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    @GozK10 tickets can be purchased on the marketplace (category other). invite other people to use the mp if they dont have part for a ticket i or others will be happy to tip them some PART 😉

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    the purchase steps will be like the anniversary ticket? I mean name and purchase address? use the discord or telegram user for ticket buyer identification

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    yes thx i will add this in the description

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    ok, new offer equals 5 tickets?

    C.Skywalker 1 Reply
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    @ruul yes lets see if this is a possible solution for “big” players in the future. want to prevent that people buy 100s of small tickets (unnecessary fee´s) . just keep in mind this is all testing for me and i will make sure every money goes back to the players (i will pay fee´s from my own pocket but i think they will be neglectable). i will also make a spread sheet for this week and share it with you afterwards if you like 😉

    R 1 Reply
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    @C-Skywalker right for me. yesterday I tried to make 2 purchases but as the process is a little slow and my internet stopped being stable I only made the first purchase and the second one canceled… I’m already waiting for confirmations to make the purchase of the 5-ticket pack

    C.Skywalker 1 Reply
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    @ruul fresh anon funds still pending (runned out) ^^ hm so your second bid was auto cancelled? tried to send my side into escrow before it was cancelled

    R 1 Reply
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    @C-Skywalker I wanted to buy one more ticket, and I had anon balance for one more ticket, now there is a pack of 5 tickets and this converting what is necessary to make the purchase with the new amount

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    This post is deleted!
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