[Troubleshoot] bid send failed -> error: Unknown private key for from address

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    Particl 2.3.5 no bid sending possible issue -> error: Unknown private key for from address

    If you face the problem with Particl Desktop not being able to send a bid, you might have interrupted the wallet creation process which causes this issue.

    Notice: This procedure will remove any history from the marketplace and start the marketplace from scratch, like it was new.

    1.) Move your funds out of the “Market” wallet into another wallet.
    2.) Close Particl Desktop
    3.) Open “%AppData%” directory. On windows put this path into the Windows-Explorer Address bar.
    4.) Delete the “particl-market” folder
    5.) Open “Particl” folder
    6.) Delete “smsgdb”, “smsgstore2” and “Market” folders.
    7.) Delete smsg.ini
    8.) Start Particl Desktop
    9.) Create new wallet named “Market”
    10.) Either wait until success message OR close Particl Desktop here, if it takes too long for you. But go on with point 11 in this case.
    11.) Open Market wallet and navigate to “receive” -> open “private address” tab -> create “+ new private address”
    12.) Done

    With the upcoming V3 version this problem will be gone.

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