Public Listings & Public/Anon/Blind Payment Addresses

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    It’s been brought to my attention that the following information is out-of-date and seller’s listing addresses are private by default - with the categorization being ANON I would assume but need to verify. I will be fixing this entry in the next 24hrs.

    Found this nugget of wisdom that might not be so obvious for everyone, so I wanted to share it here publicly:

    “We highly advise against publishing payment addresses of the type [PUBLIC] in the public listing format because it is a serious threat to the privacy of both the seller and buyer. Anyone can check if the normal address has received funds, this exposes the buyers financial history and the future financial history of the seller.”

    In other words: think about using a BLIND or ANON address as the payment address type for receiving payment for your listing(s). These addresses are considered private and therefore contain more privacy protection for your transaction.

    Full text can be found here:

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