Recent AMA Highlights on Particl Privacy

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    Pulled from the recent Reddit AMA with @CryptoGuard: Full interview can be found here:

    Q: from Telgram user @Lorax14

    What measures are you taking to ensure the confidentiaIity of the data of the users? How vulnerable are your technologies to cyber attacks and hacking of user’s data?

    A: from @Cryptoguard

    So Particl’s marketplace has a multi-angle approach to keeping your personal information private.

    The most obvious technique used to preserve confidentiality is by making the currency transactions private on the blockchain. What this means is that, thanks to a combination of CT + RingCT, any marketplace transaction hides the amounts sent, the receiver, and sender of that payment. But that’s just one aspect of how the marketplace preserves your privacy.

    The marketplace also completely hides any metadata about you, whether that be geo tags from a listing picture or your IP address when publishing a listing, all of that is hidden by default and cannot be collected by any third-party.

    Then you also have privacy at the escrow level. Typically, on an online marketplace, you would have staff overlooking a transaction so that they can intervene should there be an issue (a resolution center, like on Paypal for example). That’s a mediated, centralized approach to issue resolution. On Particl, we instead use a two-party escrow system based on the MAD game-theory. Both participants essentially need to put a security deposit into an escrow smart-contract and they get refunded once the transaction is completed. I believe we might touch on the escrow a bit later as we’ve seen a lot of questions asked about it, but in essence, there is no single third-party that can read conversations, check account/order history, or even the tracking number. It’s just you and the person you’re transacting with.

    And then, you can of course hide your IP address using Tor, that is if you want to go an extra step and not even show to your ISP that you are connecting to the Particl network.

    If I can summarize this in a more simple sentence, I’d say the key to your confidentiality on Particl is that there is no traceable data about you being generated, or collected, in the first place.

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