Hummingbot/liquidity bot

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    The user „Reuben“ suggested that we could run a liquidity bot to make particl more attractive for traders and exchanges.
    I do think that this could be very helpful, especially prior to the v3.0 release. Where we could may create an social media effort to list particl on more well known exchanges, while running the bot for some time then.

    I asked Reuben and he said he is experienced with the bot, since the team isnt allowed to trade or similar i suggest we as a community could kickstart this together. If you guys have any idea how we want to handle this, post it in here.

    Generally i would be interested in what we need for it, and some general data on how much are the fees etc.
    There is also the community fund, we may be able to use.


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    🤖 Trading bot is very useful thing. Opensource hummingbot or zenbot It can be coded for create market making. And yes, if there is clever trader who can create strategy and find clever coder Phyton , C++ for code bot than comunity will be happy.

    • The volume of trading Particle will increase
    • The community members can be little rich
    • Coder and Trader who help create bot can will be get % from trading
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