[Troubleshoot] Is my wallet unlocked?

  • Demarkets Admin -

    ⚠ Your wallet need to be unlocked to receive answers to your bids, etc… To use the marketplace, in fact 🙂

    Unlock the wallet:


    On the top right you will see the status of the network, the locked / unlocked wallet icon, staking icon and console icon.

    If the lock icon is green, it means your wallet is locked. You will need to unlock it to be able to receive messages in the Marketplace.

    To unlock it, click on the lock icon, a pop-up will appear asking for your password to unlock the wallet, and a time for unlocking.

    alt text

    nb: don’t click on unlock for stacking onlyor it won’t works

    It should now show as unlocked:

    alt text

    with a time of unlocking:

    alt text