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    Hi there,

    here’s an angle for a pitch that might later fit in @dros’ document Dropbox One Pager for Speculators.

    It’s much too verbose for a one-pager, so I wanted to share it here first, collect feedback and then put it in a shorter form. I know it gets a little “liberal” in the end but we’re not hawking oil drilling platforms here…

    My aim is to

    • pitch three pillars of value:
      1.fixed passive income,
      2.inherent non-speculative price appreciation,
      3.social and ecological sustainability.
    • leave out internal buzzwords (e.g. “infinite markets”, “cold staking”) that outsiders won’t get
    • insert a little emotional pull.

    Value proposition 1: Passive income in times of zero interest rates

    With interest rates from banks and financial service providers approaching zero or even crossing into the negative, both private individuals and corporate entities are wondering how to generate passive income from savings or holdings. With many cryptocurrencies just about to recover after being in a bear market for two-years, cryptocurrency staking, which roughly translates to “lock up a digital currency and let an algorithm use it to validate the transactions on the blockchain” is now one of very few attractive options for both types of investors.
    Particl is such a stakeable cryptocurrency and a very practical one at that, as it extends the capability of its direct progenitor, the uber-currency Bitcoin, with a set of privacy features that make it more versatile and practical for usage in everyday life.

    From July 2020 onwards, the yearly net interest rate for staking PART will be fixed at 1.8 %. An additional 0.2 % of interest is received by the non-profit Particl Foundation, whose purpose is the promotion and development of the Particl protocol and related technology. In addition to this fixed interest rate, stakers will earn revenues from transaction fees or any other fees that applications built on the Particl blockchain will incur.
    The operational costs for staking on the Particl blockchain are negligible, thanks to inherently low hardware requirements: most small single board computers like the raspberry pie will do the job nicely.
    For the technically uninitiated, specific know-how and upkeeping can be kept at a minimum however, by joining so-called staking pools in exchange for a small commission. All the while, security can be maximized by keeping one’s staking capital completely offline.

    Value proposition 2: Price appreciation regardless of speculative demand

    Price appreciation of the PART token inherently follows from the adoption of the applications that are developed on top of the Particl blockchain:
    Unlike Bitcoin, Particl’s native PART token has a unique set of privacy features that allows innovative forms of private currency transfer, ecommerce and related services. Therefore, all trades and transactions happening on the Particl blockchain will have to be settled in PART, which will drive demand for PART naturally as the usage of the protocol increases.
    While speculative demand will likely accelerate price appretcation, the price of the PART token will appreciate on its own, even if we assume only the most modest amounts of success for the project.

    Value proposition 3: Particl is sustainable by design

    At its very core, Particl is a green technology: by distributing the required networking tasks across households all over the world, onto dedicated tiny computing devices or everyday laptops already used for other tasks, Particl removes the need for power-hungry datacenters that the conventional ecommerce or finance industry is currently forced to rely on.

    Even more importantly, Particl is a technology built to stand on the shoulders of people and aimed at empowering people. Particl’s first flagship application, a completetly decentralized marketplace for fully private online shopping, is a case in point:
    By removing the need for a so-called “trusted third party”, i.e. an entity that moderates the transaction between buyer and seller in exchange for a - ususally hefty - commission, the Particl marketplace ensures that buying and selling is conducted without any middlemen.
    By not collecting its user’s metadata and by ensuring that vendors and shoppers do business in full privacy, Particl simply returns a universal right back to people.
    Small entrepreneurs do not need to fear the prying eyes of large corperations that can afford to replicate their ideas, move production to low-wage countries and in turn undercut their prices.
    Shoppers won’t get bombarded with ads for things an algorithm determined they might like, each time they open their browser window.

    Investing in Particl is investing in change and empowerment. As of June 27 2020, this is what most news outlets in the world are reporting on: change and empowerment.

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