Ledger bugs regarding their firmware update 1.6

  • Particl bugs with Ledger Nano S (Firmware 1.6)

    • Sending fraktions of an input to a standard/256bits/stealth address doesnt work, results in the „Dongle error: 28a3 Unknown“
    –> the creation oft he change address seems to be the problem, cause you can send inputs in total

    • zaping doesnt work, results in „Dongle error: ac68 Unknown“

    • Sending more than ~50-60 inputs at once doesnt work, results in an unkonwn error

    • Sending to a standard/256bits address and „add Coldstake Recipient“ doesnt work, results in „Dongle error: ac68 Unknown“

    What is working?
    • You can send your coins to any type of address
    o only if you use the input in total, cant create a change address!
    o only if you use not more than ~50-60 inputs!
    • You can see and monitor all your coins stored on the ledger
    • You can receive coins to any type of address

    You dont need to run ledger live to use a Qt-wallet with a ledger

  • according to an email correspondence their developers are working on reviewing the commit and will merge it once the review is complete

  • @letsparty did you tell em they do this since 5 months now…? im mean seriously… But thx for taking the time to email them

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