Community task: Translate Particl trailer video

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    Please go to and translate the video subtitle and the main title and description into your languages, if there is no translation yet.

    Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-06 um 12.36.14.png

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    I just created a german version. And I added english subtitles.

    Please make a note in here which language you want to work on and make a notice within this thread for peer reviews from other community members.

    Once you are satisfied with the outcome please let me know to publish it finally.

    I’d like to see at least:

    • french
    • spanish
    • portuguese
    • dutch
    • arabic
    • turkish
    • russian

    Cool would be

    • Chinese
    • Hindi

    If there is the need to edit an existing language, please download a .srt version of the existing translation, edit it, and post it here. Then I am able to upload it again. This seems to be the most convenient solution.

    Here is the original english text:

    In 2008, right in the middle of the US financial turmoils, Satoshi Nakamoto shook the world by creating the first truly decentralized currency: Bitcoin. Yet, very few people know that Satoshi actually had a grander vision, one for an entirely decentralized economy. Hidden deep within Bitcoin’s source code was the beginning of a draft for a decentralized market to complete the Bitcoin currency. Unfortunately, Satoshi could never finish the marketplace before he suddenly disappeared.

    Meet Particl, the project that’s reviving that vision by building on top of a cryptocurrency a market protocol compatible with almost all the cryptocurrencies in existence. Designed to be the world’s most secure, private and decentralized marketplace, it allows anyone in the world to buy, sell and trade goods and services within its peer-2-peer network and do so in a way that protects their personal data.

    Unlike most of the popular eCommerce solutions, the marketplace charges near-zero fees to its users, allowing both vendors and customers to make better deals. The entirety of the fees it generates are then redistributed to its community, effectively spawning a brand new alternative economy, one that is safe, low-cost and more importantly, one that puts its users at the center.

    Be PART of the global eCommerce revolution and join us at

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    @dros kann leider nur mit deutsch und englisch dienen 😢

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    @btmr here the file as mentioned. Just edit with a text-editor.

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    … updated with some minor tweaks for consistency, flow and a little semantics here and there.
    A lot of that is just personal taste, of course, so have a look and use what you like.

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    This post is deleted!
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    @btmr bestens.

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    great video. can you post a link to the original so I can share it?

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    @letsparty follow it is there on the front page.

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    Someone added a dutch version. Could you please add the dutch description and title as well? That would be awesome.

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    @btmr edits are now live. Thanks!

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    Today russian has been added thanks to @cryptoborshch !!

    So now we have Chinese, Dutch, English, German, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Turkish enabled as subtitles.

    That is truly amazing. Thanks a ton to the contributors.

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    what would be the cost now that we have the translations to take this video and edit it with the different languages so we can have a custom one for each language we have so far?

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    @dadon there are platforms for professional narrators. I just need to get the audio track of the narrator. Putting it together can be done in-house here. So no overhead cost.

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