In-Wallet onscreen keyboard for increased privacy/security and protection from keylogging

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    So I been looking into various virtual keyboards for added privacy and security and so far the best I have personally seen is one called oxynger

    The World’s Best Anti-Keylogger

    Oxynger KeyShield is a secure, anti-screenshot and free virtual keyboard to protect passwords and other sensitive information from malicious programs and hacking. Oxynger KeyShield protects its keystrokes from keystroke logging, screen logging, mouse logging, clipboard logging and shoulder surfing.
    The World’s Best Keystroke Logging Protection

    Oxynger KeyShield provides the world’s best protection from keylogging. It is 100% protected against hook based, API based, kernel/driver based and hardware keyloggers. Ordinary anti-keyloggers only protect from some type software keyloggers. But Oxynger KeyShield protect its keystrokes from software and hardware keyloggers. Most virtual keyboards (such as the virtual keyboard that comes with Windows) send normal keyboard event messages to the target program to type text. Almost every software keylogger can record these typed characters. Oxynger KeyShield do not use ordinary methods to send keystrokes to target application. Instead it uses a very secure communication channel for sending keystrokes to target application. Keyloggers will not be able to record keystrokes send through this channel.
    The World’s Best Screen Capture Protection

    Oxynger KeyShield is protected from making its screenshots or video. Many modern keyloggers are able to capture screens while entering passwords using a virtual keyboard. Screen capture protection of Oxynger KeyShield is currently the world’s best. It prevents taking its screenshot using screen logging programs and windows print screen function. It is also protected from video recording programs.
    Ultimate Mouse Logging Protection

    Oxynger KeyShield provides superior protection from mouse logging. Protection from mouse logging is accomplished by not using the common QWERTY layout for positioning keys in Oxynger KeyShield. Instead it uses different key layouts for each user of the software. So each user gets a unique virtual keyboard. Thus hackers won’t get any idea of the key layout of Oxynger KeyShield in a remote computer. Hackers can’t record keystrokes using mouse logging without knowing the key layout of a virtual keyboard.

    What is Mouse Logging?
    Mouse logging is refers to using mouse position at each mouse click in a virtual keyboard to identify password. This is done by capturing the coordinates of each mouse click from edge of the virtual keyboard and translated to corresponding key. Mouse logging is used when keyboard layout of a virtual keyboard is known.

    So I am using this now and I really like it so far and that got me thinking I wonder if this is something that could be featured built into the wallet so there was no need for a 3rd party program I think the added privacy and security this would give our wallet fits well with our goals.

    though Afaik oxynger is not open source so because of this it’s not really a perfect solution but I really like the idea of it and how they have covered most ways a password can be stolen and I love the idea of having this built into the wallet.

    but is it even possible?

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