Collection of Particl Slogans / Catchphrases / Messages

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    Hey Particl community,
    recently we had a chat discussing potential marketing phrases for the particl marketplace.

    To maintain a focused and professional marketing approach, the team may largely decide and coordinate any centralized future marketing strategy. Thus it’s not meant to discuss each proposed slogan or catchphrase in further detail, but only to come up with some ideas and as a kind of inspiring contribution for the rest of the community.

    We should principally differentiate between:

    • Particl Marketplace Messages (Create whole sentences that contain the essence and is encouraging to be a part of it. Max. 2-3 sentences)
    • Particl Marketplace Catchphrases (One single sentence)
    • Particl Marketplace Slogans (Short as possible)

    Examples for this might look like this:

    • Message: Particl Marketplace creates a world with more justice in trade. We take out the greed for profit and power of individuals so that dealers and producers can offer their products at fair prices -without oppression.

    • Catchphrase: The world’s first fully anonymous and decentralized marketplaces providing true privacy and protection for buyers and sellers at a fraction of costs compared to the known marketplaces on the internet.

    • Slogan: No counterparty risk. Your access rules.

    Do you have other ideas for Particl related messages, catchphrases or slogans? If you like you can leave them here. So other community members then may make use of it, if they like to publish or send some particl related posts on other forums or communities. So give your fancy full scope 😉

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    My favourite slogan right now:

    Particl Marketplaces: First private escrow markets. Maximum privacy w/o any middle-men.

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    Too bad we don’t have a backup of our old forum (at least I think so? @CryptoGuard) – we had loads of good one there as a part of one competition.

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    Unfortunately there is no back-up 😕

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