What is the coinweight algo behind listing removal in alpha version 1.2


Hello guys,

I know that particl is open source and it has nothing to hide. But i can agree too that revealing publicly the algo behind coinweight can push the idea that it can be rigged easily by huge holders or consortium.

I have looked into github and i wasn’t able to find the algo behind listing removal.

If someone (a dev maybe) think he can reveal what will trigger a listing removal i will be really interested to discuss this matter here.

In fact, i think the community should be involved and all the ideas are good to share to improve the algo.

Maybe it’s too technical and majority of the community is not able to see how privacy can be a brake in creating such an algo …

Anyway i really hope you guys put atleast a listing removal if coinweight > 500k PART.

Thx a lot guys, really impatient to talk with you about the algo trigger.