What are Archived Discussions?



Archived Discussions

What are Archived Discussions?

While navigating on the Particl forum, you may encounter some posts tagged as archived that are already filled with pre-existing discussions (i.e. What is Dandelion?) on a multitude of topics. Whenever you see a post marked as archived, it means the discussion it contains happened over a different social media or instant messaging platform other than the forum (i.e. Discord, Telegram, Reddit, etc).

Why are they Getting Archived?

Many of the platforms we are on (i.e. Telegram, Discord, etc) are not ideal when it comes to preserving discussions and making them easily accessible. Particl Forum, on the other hand, offers a much more structured way of preserving and categorizing discussions or thoughts, hence why we believe noteworthy discussions should be made easily available for all to see, even if it has been weeks or months since they happened.

Is There an Archive Category?

There is no “Archive” category. We prefer putting every archived discussion within the category it fits in to make them more easier to find. You can, however, simply select the archive tag to filter all the forum posts and only display archived posts. To do so, go to the main page of the forum and select archive as the tag filter.

Can I Archive Discussions on my Own?

Absolutely! Simply follow this proposed formatting (your post may be edited by a moderator if it doesn’t fit the formatting):

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User 1: No…

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Archived Discussions

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