Unlock wallet on partyman


followed ledger guide and been struggling for a few days with it. finally got my balance showing on pi after copying wallet from desktop.
but now it is not staking as it says wallet locked on partyman status.
so was after command to unlock it


Do not ever copy a wallet containing real coins (such as your Desktop wallet) on a cold staking node (RPi), otherwise it becomes a regular staking node with no cold staking advantages. Move your entire Desktop wallet out of your RPi, and run the following command:

./partyman reinstall


partyman/partyman reinstall

Then, follow the instructions here to properly set your cold staking node up, then follow this tutorial to move coins to your Ledger Nano S device. After that, you can follow this tutorial to enable cold staking on your Ledger.

You do not need to import your Ledger (Particl-qt) or Desktop wallet into your RPi, you only need the RPi to stake and get you the cold staking key required to enter in the debug window on Particl-Qt.


reinstalled partyman today
the wallet on my desktop is already setup with ledger, so i take it i dont need to follow 3rd link for tutorial.
issue is following 1st tutorial link i have added Cold Staking Public Key and activated. instead of starting on 0 it started on 99.99%


went back to qt, changed node address and did the coldstake tut with ledger again.
now amount is showing on ledger so hopefully will start staking again


Awesome! I suspect it may be because you did the coin control step on Qt before importing your cold staking node public key on Particl Desktop. In any case, glad you could get it to work :slight_smile:

By the way, if you want to know whether you are staking or not, on your cold staking node, enter the following command:

./partyman status


partyman/partyman status

Somewhere in the output, it should say:

particld staking enabled: YES


particld staking currently?: YES


thanks for all your help and i think the reason it did not work first time was because i had wrong cold stake key .
which i had used for coin control aswell.