The Loopix Anonymity System: A New Potential DSN for Particl?



Has anyone heard of the Loopix Anonymity System? I saw Kewde post about it in the Open Development Channel on Discord and have decided to expand a bit on it.

What’s Loopix?

As posted in a BleepingComputer article:

Loopix is a new anonymity network developed by a group of researchers from University College London (UCL) that comes with all the good parts of previous systems and new additions to improve security.

Both Loopix and Tor are based on the concept of mix networks and are meant to provide a way to send anonymous messages through a complex network.

The way Tor achieves this is through its circuit-based onion routing protocol. On the other hand, Loopix uses a classic message-based architecture combined with Poisson mixing — adding random time delays to each message. The end result is an anonymity network that is very secure but also fixes the main disadvantage of classic message-based architectures, which is high-latency.

As the UCL team points out in their research paper, the Loopix system has a “message latency is on the order of seconds – which is relatively low for a mix-system.”

They do, however, specify that it isn’t really intended to be used the same way Tor is.

“Loopix is designed as a system for anonymous communication and it’s properties allow it too be used both for high-latency communication applications, like e-mails, and for low-latency communication applications, i.e., instant messaging,” Ania Piotrowska told Bleeping Computer via email, “it is not designed to be used as Tor for web browsing.”

Currently, the Loopix system is still in its infancy, and more research is needed. Nonetheless, researchers say Loopix is resistant to Sybil attacks, currently one of Tor’s biggest problems.

Sounds to me that it would make a pretty good DSN! Looks more scalable than SMSG and at least equal to it in terms of privacy/security, if not better as alledged.

Video presentation:


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