Reddit Posting and Propagating



There’s a specific method to be used when promoting Particl to Reddit- which requires both coordination among trusted community members, and a centralized means of access to the various links in which we all post.

Let’s discuss the Reddit platform, and how we can accomplish the maximum possible reach in posting to each through a tried and trusted method:
The first thing you should know about Reddit is thst presentation is important, and many subreddits will, for example, ask that you use the original title from a shared article. So if you were to share,
Apparently, subreddit moderators take on an ego at times and, while fragile? It can be easily placed on a pedestal with kindness and sincerity. If you encounter any issues when posting to a specific subreddit? Try being polite. Ironic I know, but it does matter.
After you’re in the good graces of a subreddit and become active in their threads you can then produce enough respect or notoriety to make an OP [original post], and likely do so frequently.
ANY time you’re thinking of posting to Reddit? Contact me- it’s crucial that I guarantee your post is successful
Unfortunately, there are individuals who would love to do nothing more than sabotage your Reddit post, because of the sheer power it has in terms of marketing and productivity.
There are competitors who absolutely downvote our posts and absolutely monitor our Riot / Discord / Telegram waiting for the opportunity to share the link into their own chats to mass downvote.
If we remain honest, with our early actions being truthful, we know we’ve tried to maintain a sense of integrity in our posts.
They should succeed, in theory, based soley on the desire to fight for privacy.
That doesn’t mean the will, especially knowing the ongoing and seemingly endless desire to push Particl away from its rightful dominance.
Again, contact me and let’s make all Reddit posts successful through coordinated teamwork.


Lets do this! :wink: