Particl's user ecosystem




While thinking about the future of Particl, I came across the usage of mobile clients to interact with its dapps (read “Marketplace”). I’m not a programmer (yet), but working on the Particl Desktop, it never leaves my mind to think about:

How is this going to work on mobile?

The problem

Mobile wallets are quite different to the full, desktop ones.
For the sake of this post:

  • limited storage: even with the hundreds of gigs in the latest phones, downloading the whole blockchain would be painful
  • limited data bandwidth: you might have an unlimited data plan, but it’s certainly far from being standard
  • etc.

The situation

That being said, Particl is a proof-of-stake coin, which plays nicely into this. Let’s assume you have:

  • Particl Desktop as your main, PC client for daily interaction with Particl
  • Staking device – cheap, low-power computer (like Rock64 or Raspberry Pi) with particl-cli and running 24/7 or your private VPS or (worst case) just use a Pool for staking
  • Mobile in need of access :]

The solution?

With this setup, you’ll have 2 full nodes – Particl Desktop & staking device, where the staking device is running 24/7 and can act as your “server” (similarly as with Bitcoin mobile wallets, which connect to other servers to provide the whole BTC blockchain).

With this new “Particl Mobile” (read “Particl Desktop, but in your phone”), users might be initially randomly connected to some available server (= pools?) with the option of specifying their own full node (= staking device).

Think of this as a mobile remote control for your full node, wherever you are (connected to the internet ofc). All the heavy lifting would be done by your staking device, mobile would just show you what’s happening. It might be a bit bandwith-heavier, but at least you won’t melt down your mobile (trying to compute everything on it).

The more I think about this 3-way combo (Particl Desktop – staking device – mobile), the more options come up. Multi-sig (hello, recent Copay update), 2FA and more…

What are your thoughts on this?

Also, if you have better idea for this post’s title, go ahead. No idea how to call this :slight_smile: