Particl Staking is Not Doing the Payout


Hi, my particl staking node is running well with latest version. But i check my wallet several times and the payout is not there? Is there anything that misconfigured. By the way, there were payouts before this. This happen after i change the node IP address.


I don’t know how much PARTs you own (don’t tell us), but the more you have, the more frequent rewards you get. Even though still, rewards are quite random, so the fact that you get e.g. 5 rewards a month doesn’t automatically guarantee you’ll get them next month as well.
But you probably already know that…

So to clarify:

  • you have your staking node for some time already
  • you were getting pretty much frequent rewards
  • after IP change you haven’t got any?

I don’t think this is connected to misconfiguration (if you haven’t touched it), if you already got rewards in the past. New versions are compatible with the older ones.

Have you tried rebooting your staking node?


To answer that, yes.

I received frequent rewards before.

And for your update, I did checked the wallet just now. And the reward is there. I think this case is resolved.

Thank you much for the support.