Particl Slogan Contest


Update: Due to popular demand on the chatrooms as well as in this thread, and due to a large number of submissions, we have decided to change the rules a little bit. Instead of putting all submissions up for a community vote, the Particl team jury will hold an internal vote and pick the best submissions. These are the submissions that will ultimately be put up for community voting. This should reduce “voter fatigue” and increase the voting participation rate!

Update 2: The time to submit your slogan is now over! The jury composed of team members will now review all the submissions and identify those they like the most. Then, the slogans will be put up for a community vote! We will announce the start of the voting process soon on this page as well as on the chatrooms and social media , so stay tuned!

What does Particl mean to you? What is its most interesting aspect?

Following on the good momentum brought forth by the meme contest, we’re starting today a Particl Slogan Contest. There have been a lot of discussions in the community about having a slogan to define Particl, and while the winning slogan may not end up being an official slogan, we expect the various entries to be creative and give us an insight into how Particl is being perceived by the community, helping us to better craft our message depending on what kind of audience we’re pitching the project to.


  • 1st place → 100 PART
  • 2nd place → 65 PART
  • 3rd place → 35 PART

Note: All prizes are exclusively paid in PART coins

Contest duration:

  • Starting today until the 10th of October 2018 at 17:00 UTC


  1. No per-user entry limit (you can submit as many slogans as you want)
  2. You must submit your slogan within the allowed timeframe
  3. There will be three winners, and only one PART prize is allowed per winner
  4. Only one slogan per reply can be submitted. If you want to submit more than one slogan, write them down in additional replies.
  5. Slogans should fit in one or two sentences and be to the point.
  6. Contest winners will be voted by the community at the end of the submission period

How to submit your slogan:

  1. Create an account on the Particl forum ( if you haven’t done so already
  2. Visit the Slogan Contest thread (this one)
  3. Submit your Particl slogan in the comment section of the thread (one reply per slogan to make it easy to vote on)

How to vote for your favorite slogan

The final 25 slogans, as selected by a jury composed of team members, are listed in the poll below. To vote for your favorite slogans, choose, in no particular order, 5 slogans that you like best. After a period of one week, we will tally the votes and winners will be decided on the total amount of votes received.

Note: Some of the team members will also be voting for their favorite slogans.

    • Particl, Some Parts Are Better Unseen
    • Yours Sincerely, Undisclosed.
    • Particl: Empowered By Privacy!
    • Your Privacy. Restored.
    • Where Privacy Matters.
    • Your Commerce, Your Business
    • The Right To Remain Silent.
    • Buy, Sell, Stake, Repeat.
    • Redefining E-Commerce Part By Part
    • Fighting For Privacy In An Open World
    • Where Economy Meets Privacy And Democracy
    • Particularly Private.
    • Commerce Reinvented.
    • Particl: A Censorship-Resistance, Secure And Private Marketplace For The Rest Of Us.
    • Buy Anything. Sell Anything. No Restrictions. Be Part of It. Be Particl
    • Particl: Nothing To See Here.
    • Particl: Your Right To Remain Private.
    • Particl: Leave No Trace
    • Particl: Between Us

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Meme Contest Submissions
Slogan Contest Results are in! – Particl News

Privacy— the way you want it.


Particl: Privacy Reimagined.


Where Every Part Has A Choice.


Particl is a rare asset on a blockchain that is privacy focused, decentralized, containing its own escrow, energy conscious with proof of work and cold staking, while facilitating the exchange of goods and assets through atomic swaps, skip the exchange, the future is now, be PART!


The future is now, be smart, be PART!


Privacy-Centric Decentralized Applications Platform


Particl : participate in the building of future


Particl : be a part of tomorrow


Have no fear, #particl is here to make it a great year!


No matter our jobs no matter our height, we all need #PARTICL


My parts are private #particl


Some parts are better unseen #particl



In Code We Trust.


“Yours sincerely, undisclosed.”


“Yours sincerely, unknown.”


Things go better with… #PARTICL


“Privacy at your service”


Whether it’s your brain or heart, one day you’ll all fall in love with PART!


take PART in the revolution