Particl Open Marketplace Development Update, in Short


The Open Marketplace is nearly ready for mainnet. All of the features intended to be part of the first mainnet version of the marketplace have been integrated, and there’s only the buy-flow (since it was affected by the recent integration of the OMP Library) that hasn’t had its entire suite of automated integration tests completed.

• The blind escrow system (private transactions) has been successfully implemented
• The team is finishing up the last few OMP Library integration tests
• Particl Desktop will then need a day or two of tweaks
• There will then be one final testnet build before the Open Marketplace is considered mainnet-ready

• (Bonus) RingCT Bulletproofs audit started by Quarkslab (Audited OpenSSL, OpenVPN, VeraCrypt, Monero’s Bulletproofs, and etc)

Follow the link below for the FULL Development Update: