Particl Meetup (European)


Hello Particl Community,
just asked myself when there will be another Meetup for the community and team members together.
Like in Prague or Switzerland.

I heard rumors about France, but not sure what the current plans are.

So maybe we can brainstorm ideas together in here.

Thank you


I’m sure there will be another one. Depends where and when. Might have been one of the topics of meetup in South Africa, however I wasn’t there unfortunately.


France is being planned indeed! We do have one in the Philippines on the 14th of December in Manilla. If you have an idea of a place to make a meetup, don’t hesitate to contact Lina on Telegram (@LinaSeiche) and she’ll make it happen if if makes sense :slight_smile:


france sounds beatiful, would be nice if you could do something in europe aswell. any chance you will ever come to germany?:grinning:


Anything is possible! You can definitely speed it up by co-organizing it yourself :slight_smile:


I believe the meetup is in Paris around February @TheBitcoinHouse
Part-Linux you joining the next meetup?