Particl Marketplace name game


What’s in a name?

  • Marketplace indicates 1 giant marketplace
  • Markets indicates many markets

Benefits roll call

  • Particl’s decentralized marketplace has a giant public market and an infinite amount of private markets

  • Particl public market is a collection of product listings that are searchable by anyone around the world
  • listings are searchable on the web with services like
  • listings target the largest audience of buyers

  • Particl private markets give vendors the ability to collect private listings in an online store that is only searchable, discoverable by invited shoppers
  • private listings require a view key to browse

  • ratings system that conceals buyer data but is verifiable
  • self-governance mechanism to report, vote and remove illegal items
  • 2-party trustless escrow
  • transactions are private by default - RingCT (linkability/traceability)
  • variable escrow deposit amounts (0-100%)


  • Rename Beta release to Particl Markets



I see where you go with this, but using “Particl Markets” is a bit misleading in my view. It evokes something like federation or franchising (many different markets under one brand).

I think Particl Market(place) is good. Yes, it sounds like one giant marketplace, but that doesn’t really matter, because it really is… The Private markets are a subset of the main, Public one (meaning no user of Private market can not access the main Public market).

Personally, I see Private markets as a nice feature, but still view Public one as “the big deal”.
That’s what I would promote.


Indeed, “markets” is a very broad and far reaching term used in many different ways. I see your argument of it misleading, or at the very least, causing confusion.


This discussion moved into the general chat channel briefly yesterday and @uuiuiuiuuuiu had some good points about NOT using public at all. That’s a good observation because even though I want to describe the default market as public it really isn’t, there are still private trustless transactions happening.

Marketplace or Private Marketplace or private (adj) Marketplace all seem to be vetted and approved by the community, so keeping with what is liked makes sense.

A BENEFIT of our private marketplace is Private Markets. Let those be perks and benefits to draw in vendors versus labeling the entire dapp Private Markets and causing more confusion


This sums it all up pretty nicely.

Private (adj.) Particl Marketplace, featuring Private Markets.


One alternative way to call private markets that I think would resonate with a lot of people is maybe calling them “private shops”. Since only the vendor who started a specific shop can list stuff in there, it essentially is a private shop (maybe it fits even more than “private markets”?). Also, this terminology is probably more familiar to vendors and takes the confusion out of it:

You have Particl Marketplace…the big marketplace where all the stuff is. But then you also have private shops where it’s more private. I kind of see it like a real-life marketplace. You have the marketplace itself which is a bunch of vendors selling their stuff out in the open, but then also right next to that outdoor marketplace you have shops where you have to get inside to see what’s for sale…these would be like our private shops.

You see this configuration often at farmer’s markets: Farmers sell their stuff outside on stands, and you often also have a bunch of shops that sell their products indoor like a cheese shop or a butcher. You don’t see what’s for sale when standing outside at the center of the marketplace, but when you enter inside the shop (when you enter the private shop’s public key) you see all the stuff for sale by the vendor.

Anyway, just a thought. Private markets is fine too.


Let me stop you right there :slight_smile: Even though I thought the same initially, this is not the case.

Private Markets are actually subsets of the whole Particl community – closed communities within Particl. As an example to demonstrate this:

Anybody can start a new Private Market. As a creator, you get something we call “Market ID” (naming subject to change). You then share this ID with other users on Particl; they use it to connect to your PM. Once connected, every member of PM has “admin rights” (you’re effectively sharing private keys among members), so anybody can post new listings, buy & sell without limit, the classic Particl stuff. You’re just doing all that in closed community of users, who got access to the PM ID.


Oh! That changes everything! Yes, in that case, I think keeping it as “Private Markets” makes much more sense than “Private shops”.



  • Change the “Public market” name to “Open Market”
  • Keep “Private markets” as “Private Markets”


The idea is to name these like you would name a farmer’s market. What I mean is…when you go to a farmer’s market in big cities, usually, what happens is that you have at the center the “open market”, which is where farmers set up their shop and sell their products. That open market is, as the name implies, open for all to see. People just roam through the shops and buy whatever they like. It’s all outside and you can easily get an overview of a lot of products being for sale from many different vendors.

There’s also quite often a bunch of indoor shops at the edge of the farmer’s market. These shops are like our “private markets” as in…you cannot see what’s for sale in these shops because every product for sale is inside the building. You have to open the door and physically enter the shop (aka, enter the shop’s key in our case), and only then will you see the available products. While in the shop, you do not see other products from other shops or even from the open marketplace being sold, because they are outside and you are inside.

So in other words, the bigger public interface of Particl Marketplace is like an open market where every farmer sells their products outside for everyone to see. And these market’s shops would be like our “private markets” where you do not see the available products unless you physically enter the building (enter the market ID on Particl Desktop).

So the public interface could be named “Open Market” and “Private markets” keep their “Private markets” name.

Thoughts? @LiteBit @allien

Example: Here’s a farmer’s market, with an open market at the center of everything and with indoor shops at the edges of the open market.

Open Market:

Private Markets:


That’s an interesting idea and I like the story you wrapped it in!
However I always had it like the open market is the Particl Marketplace…

…how you wanna promote the Open one?

Particl Open Marketplace…?


Perhaps this:

Particl Marketplace = Open markets + private markets
Open market = the public interface, or what you see when you currently click on LISTINGS (in current builds)
Private markets = well…private markets

That way, we’d get rid of the word “public” which might be confusing for some because it can imply it is not private/untraceable although it is. So I think Open is a good substitute to Public and can mean the same thing without the potential confusion.


Particl Marketplace = Open markets + private markets
Open market = the public interface, or what you see when you currently click on LISTINGS (in current builds)
Private markets = well…private markets

OK, I love this! +1


While “Particl Marketplaces” would indicate that there is more in it than just one.

Particl Marketplaces = Particl Open Market + Particl Private Listings
Particl Open Market = Public Desktop interface and on Web-interface
Particl Private Listings = Is what it was named in the first place.

And it makes a lot of sense as you take out confusing naming.Open/Private market/markets. And of course because it is a listing by each vendor. As far there is no possibility to search competitive offers in private listings they cannot be named a market. IMHO.